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The 12 questions listed below form the annual SiteWise assessment.

Click on the question which you need help with to gain an understanding of how to achieve in each question and what our assessors are looking for.

Any evidence submitted in your assessment needs to be less than 12 months old.

Question 1 - What insurances does your company hold?


Please provide copy(s) of insurance certificates or other relevant documents to support your answer. Insurances
such as Public Liability, Indemnity, Vehicle, General business insurance or other relevant insurances are applicable
here and must be valid at the time of submission.


Question 2 - Do you use a Site Specific Safety Plan or Safety Management Plan for the work you undertake?


The Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is a health and safety communication tool between subcontractors and main contractors and should be completed before starting a construction project. When used correctly, it ensures that relevant site information is regularly updated and safety is monitored.

If you use a SSSP, please upload a comprehensive and recent example (within the last 12 months). A comprehensive example of a SSSP should include the following: an agreement or statement of intent, a hazard/risk register, a completed T/A, JSA or SWMS, a record of training and competencies for workers, an emergency response plan, toolbox meetings or pre-start discussion minutes, an inspection checklist, an incident/accident register and a hazardous substance register and/or inventory (if used).

NB: If you do not use a SSSP or Safety Management Plan due to the type of work you carry out (consultants and non-construction contractors) please provide a copy of an up to date and relevant health and safety policy and procedures or SOP (standard operating procedures) which is appropriate for your business.

To download a free copy of the SSSP, click here.

Question 3 - How often are health and safety meetings or briefings held?

This question requires evidence that toolbox talks or safety meetings are taking place and how frequently. The higher the frequency, the higher the score you will achieve.

In order to verify frequency, we require at least three consecutive examples to be provided, i.e. if you are conducting weekly meetings, we need to see evidence such as minutes taken or diary entries taken from at least three consecutive weeks.

NB: If you do not employ any staff (sole operator) this question can be eliminated and will be marked as not applicable (N/A) by selecting the appropriate option.

For more information on toolbox talks click here.

Question 4 - Do you investigate all incidents and have a process to record incidents including near misses?

Please provide evidence such as completed incident investigation forms for any injuries or near misses that has occurred in the last 12 months.

If no incidents or near misses have been reported or investigated, please provide a copy of your incident register which has been signed off periodically showing no incidents or near misses have occurred during that time frame.

Incident and investigation documents can be found in Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 5 - How do you manage the safety of any subcontractors you may engage?

If you engage sub-contractors (other than labour only arrangements), please provide a copy of a SSSP or Safety Plan that has been completed by a sub-contractor and signed off by you and the sub-contractor.

There should also be a completed evaluation form filled in which shows that the SSSP has been reviewed to ensure all relevant information has been included.

NB: If you do not engage subcontractors, please select “We do not engage subcontractors” and this question will be marked as N/A if agreed by assessor.

Contractor evaluation information can be found on the Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 6 - Are you and your workers trained and competent for all aspects of the work you are/will carry out?

Please provide evidence of your workers’ qualifications and/or training and competencies, which may also include years of experience.

Workers should be trained to at least the minimum required by legislation, regulations and/or approved codes of practise, standards and industry best practise. Points can be awarded if you can demonstrate you are working towards attaining certain standards.

Evidence should include all health and safety based training, skills training, trade licences (LBP, Gas fitters, Plumbers etc) trade qualifications, equipment and operator licences and years of experience.

Competency Register documents can be found in Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 7 - How do you record hazards in your workplace?

Please provide evidence that you have a systematic process in place to identify hazards and assess the level of risk. Evidence could include a copy of a risk register or a risk assessment which links hazards to specific scope of works and shows it is assessed, monitored and updated if required.

Hazard register documents can be found in Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 8 - What inspections do you carry out for the work you do?

Please provide evidence that you have a structured approach which allows you to carry out inspections that may be required.

In construction, this evidence should include copies of completed site inspection checklists or safety audits. At least three examples are required in order to verify frequency and follow-up.

Vehicle, equipment, machinery and plant inspections may also be supplied.

NB: If you do not work on or visit worksites, other examples may include vehicle, venue, office or plant and machinery registers (showing inspection prior to work commencing or other regular inspections), which may be carried out in relation to the work you do.

Self-safety Inspection Checklists can be found in Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 9 - How do you plan for high risk or critical risk activities?

Please provide evidence that planning is in place for any high risk work carried out by your company. This could include but is not limited to; remote or isolated tasks, atmospheres with the potential to cause fire or explosion, raised and falling objects, loose material in enclosed spaces, substances hazardous to health and all notifiable works.

Evidence could include a copy of a detailed and comprehensive Task Analysis/JSA/SMWS and include evidence of staff participation e.g. toolbox talk minutes, staff signatures.

NB: If significantly hazardous work is not undertaken by your company, please select the appropriate option and this question will be marked as N/A if agreed by your assessor.

Question 10 - How do you monitor the health of workers who are, or may be exposed to hazardous conditions, products or substances due to the work they carry out?

If health monitoring is required, points will be awarded for regular or adequate monitoring, pre-employment health checks and if required, could include a risk assessment which has been completed to verify whether or not health monitoring is required and how often. Or a combination of any/all of the above.

Evidence of health monitoring could include hearing tests for exposure to noise, lung function tests for exposure to dust, fumes or chemicals, blood tests for exposure to toxins or pathogens, mole mapping and vision tests.  Evidence of completed health tests should be supplied by a registered health professional but do not need to contain names or any personal details.

If there is any doubt about your workers exposure to hazardous conditions, a risk assessment completed by a suitably qualified person to justify why health monitoring is not required, should be carried out.  A qualified person could include: occupational health practitioner/provider/therapist or similar.

NB: If you feel that this question does not apply please select the option that makes this question “Not applicable”.

Question 11 - In relation to potentially hazardous products, materials and substances, do you maintain a hazardous substances/products register or inventory?

Please provide evidence of a register which records all hazardous products, substances or material that is brought to, or used on, any worksite you operate in. A register must show how you manage and control this aspect of you work and needs to be completed before any work starts, and updated as changes occur.

In order to gain full marks for this question you need to provide a comprehensive register complete with Material Safety Data sheets and Safe Work Method Statements.

NB: If you do not use or store hazardous products, substances or materials, please select the appropriate option and this question will be marked as N/A if agreed by your assessor.

Hazardous Products and Substances Register can be found in Site Safe’s SSSP.

Question 12 - Has your company been investigated by WorkSafe NZ within the last five years?

This questions is not assessed, however findings are published on your assessment report.

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