Level 2

Main & Sub-Contractors
$695 +gst/NZD per year
  • Businesses who are sometimes the subcontractor, and sometimes the main contractor. To unlock the Level 2 feature a Level 3 must complete an assessment and achieve a score over 75%.
  • Undergo the assessment process and be visible in the database.
  • View the database of contractors to help you manage your own subcontractors, just like a Level 1.

Level 1

Principals & Main Contractors
  • Main contractors and principal organisations who use a large numbers of contractors and subcontractors.
  • Streamlines the tendering process for you by providing consistency and transparency. Enables you to view all contractors results in one place.
  • Create shortlists based on health and safety assessment results, regions or business types.

Additional Assessments

In your first year in SiteWise you get three attempts at the assessment included in your fee. In subsequent years you will get one attempt. In the unlikely event you require more attempts at the assessment, you can purchase these once you are logged in for a cost of $100+gst (NZD).