SiteWise is designed to help you when you are tendering for contract work. It means that instead of collating your health and safety information for each tender you complete, you do it once a year in SiteWise. This will save you both time and money.


As a subcontractor (Level 3 user) in SiteWise you will be able to:

  • Obtain a snapshot of your health and safety system performance
  • Save time by creating just the one health and safety document for tendering
  • Receive feedback from professional health and safety assessors
  • Use SiteWise as a framework for improvement in health and safety performance

How does SiteWise work?

Most businesses join SiteWise because a main contractor or other principal organisation has asked them to prequalify their health and safety practices through the SiteWise system, but it can be a good idea to join up before being asked.

Businesses (contractors or subcontractors) wishing to be considered for tenders complete an annual assessment on their health and safety systems, including:

  • Valid Business Insurance/s
  • Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Accident/incident reporting and investigation
  • Hazard Management
  • Training
  • Employee and subcontractor engagement
  • Health monitoring and performance

The assessments are assessed by Site Safe’s qualified health and safety professionals. Your assessment results are graded (gold, green, amber, red) and a detailed report is provided privately to you and the principal/main contractor, along with suggestions for improvement if required.

The Assessment

Once you have set up your account you will be directed to your SiteWise assessment. This process involves 12 questions which you will select your answer and then upload evidence to support this. This assessment is completed each year to demonstrate that health and safety systems are in place and being used. To view the questions, visit our assessment help page.


SiteWise is an affordable annual fee that includes unlimited user logins and a set fee regardless of the size of your business. Visit our pricing page to see the options available.

Backed by Site Safe

SiteWise is brought to you by Site Safe NZ. A not-for-profit organisation, Site Safe is committed to creating a culture of safety in the New Zealand construction and related industries. As experts in both health and safety training and delivery, we work with businesses to raise the bar in health and safety performance. We want everyone to go home healthy and safe at the end of each day.

“Our SiteWise result was a real milestone for the company. I credit a lot of our success to our learnings at Site Safe and the fantastic support from the staff.”

Dougal Holmes

Health and Safety Manager, Maiden Group

“We were very pleased with our SiteWise result. It demonstrates that the systems we have in place are effective and we look forward to maintaining our result through continuous improvement.”

Hamish Fraser

Works Group Manager, Hawke's Bay Regional Council

“Their assessments are fair, practical, reasonable and achievable. They not only acknowledge, but actually understand the differences between industries. They know about the work that is being done by the contractor they are assessing and their fees seem to be the most reasonable”.

Safety Work Kits

All set?

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