Principals and main contractors

SiteWise is an online prequalification system that grades your contractor’s health and safety capability and publishes that grade in a database which you can view.


How does SiteWise work?

You will be able to use SiteWise to make better – informed contractor selections, making the tendering process more simple and efficient. Contractors complete a 12 step questionnaire, which is assessed by our qualified team of health and safety practitioners. This results in a percentage score which is published in the SiteWise contractor database, and can be accessed by main contractors or principal organisations who have signed up to use SiteWise.

This prequalification database was created in response to the influx of contractors and subcontractors into Christchurch after the Canterbury earthquakes. After success in Canterbury the system was rolled out nationwide and now sees a large number of principals organisations using the tool to enable them to:

  • View all tendering contractor prequalification results in one place
  • Create shortlists based on health and safety assessment results
  • View contractor health and safety performance across different worksites
Dashboard view

View your contractors in one place with the Dashboard (Level 1’s)


Contractor view

View a specific contractor


Database view

View the database

Backed by Site Safe

SiteWise is brought to you by Site Safe New Zealand. A not-for-profit organisation, Site Safe is committed to creating a culture of safety in the New Zealand construction and related industries. As experts in both health and safety training and delivery, we work with businesses to raise the bar in health and safety performance. We want everyone to go home healthy and safe at the end of each day.

“It has given us a great deal more visibility as to contractors’ health and safety performance and commitment, and has also been a helpful tool to communicate what good practice in health and safety looks like.”

Charlotte Browne

Health and Safety Advisor, Waimakariri District Council

“We thought it was the best thing to do for the company, and our contractors. With hundreds of contractors now signed up, it has turned into a really positive thing for us.”

Rebecca Gornall

Group Health and Safety Manager, Mike Greer Homes

Sound like you?

If you think SiteWise is for you then contact us and we can set up a meeting to discuss your requirements.